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Architectural Specifications Consulting Services Request Form
Getting Started

The best time to hire me is near the end of the schematic design phase.  By contacting me and sending me a completed Architectural Specifications Consulting Services Request Form, I can send you a proposal as outlined below. Based on your feedback, I would then send you an agreement to sign and get started.

Communications: I meet and correspond frequently with the architect and consulting design team to ensure the coordination of consulting services with the project’s design intent. Typically all communications can be handled over the phone and internet, but I am also available to meet in person if you are in Vermont or western North Carolina or you wish to reimburse me for travel farther afield. The architect remains the general administrator of the professional services for the Project and facilitates the exchange of information among other consultants. I advise on material and product selection using my experience and will research and report on proposed products for environmental implications, durability, and performance.
Schedule: Typically, depending on availability and assuming there are no hold-ups, I need about a month to produce a DD spec and a month to produce a CD spec.
Proposal: By calling me or sending me a completed Architectural Specifications Consulting Services Request Form, I will send you a written proposal for consulting services based on the individual project and your needs. 
Agreement:  After discussing and refining an acceptable proposal, I will prepare Architect/Consultant Agreement similar to AIA C141. Here are some of the typical terms:
Format: I provide documents in electronic PDF format via architect’s FTP site or electronic mail.
Copyright: The name of the architect, not me, appears as the copyright information on all the specs I provide. Upon full payment, I grant a perpetual non-exclusive copyright license for architect to use documents I produce as desired and not necessarily with my further involvement.
 Other Consultants: I expect that the architect and other consultants providing construction documents on the project will abide by the provisions of the Division 01 General Requirements which will be timely provided for their review.
Invoices: I submit invoices monthly and expect payment in 30 days.

AboutGetting StartedTypical ScopeTypical FeesDesign DevelopmentConstruction DocumentsContact