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Front End Checklist partial sample
Design Development Outline Specfications partial sample
Architecture Nomenclature List partial sample
Design Development

The Front End Checklist, Outline Specifications (DD spec), and Nomenclature List are prepared during the Design Development Phase.
Project Manual Compilation and Table of Contents : As the overall coordinator of design consultants, the architect (and sometimes the construction manager) will normally compile the project manual and 00 01 10 Project Manual Table of Contents.  However, I can compile these if agreed in advance.
Front End Checklist: The Front End Checklist is a summary of the pertinent front end issues (bidding, contracting, general & supplementary conditions and general requirements). I pre-edit the checklist leaving unanswered questions for the architect to discuss with the owner and constructor. The checklist is the incorporated into the outline specifications to provide a concise and shared record of these decisions for use by the design team.  Here is a sample.
Outline Specifications: The outline specifications identify the major qualities of the proposed products and design intent. They are a very concise version of the specs useful to describe the design to the owner, cost estimator and contractor. Most of Part 1 General and all of Part 3 Execution are removed from individual spec sections. This leaves the following portions to focus on the crucial information particular to the project:
Section Includes Article: This article serves as the basis for a nomenclature list to coordinate the specification terminology with the drawings.
Submittals Article: This article is used in an outline specification to summarize quality control requirements (such as onsite testing and mockups), warranties, as well as provide a comprehensive list of required submittals for the design team to review.
Part 2 Products: This article is used in an outline specification to indicate the qualities of all major materials and components to be used on the project.
The outline specifications can be augmented with pictures to make it more accessible and useful to understand the design intent. Here is a sample.
Nomenclature List: The nomenclature list is a complete list of the nomenclature to be used on the architectural drawings and is used to coordinate terms used on drawings with those used in the specifications. Here is a sample.

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