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Greener Architectural Construction Specifications
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Construction Document Project Specfications partial sample
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Construction Documents

The Project Specifications (CD spec), Architectural Submittals Schedule, and First Addendum are prepared during the Construction Documents and Bidding & Negotiation Phases.
Project Specifications: The project specifications in 3-Part CSI SectionFormat™ serve as the legal basis for the performance of the Work. I strive to write concise specifications which balance the need to comprehensively safeguard from poor execution.  Here is a sample.
Architectural Submittals Schedule: A draft architectural submittals schedule is provided for the architect and contractors use in determining the proposed dates for submission of submittals and to track the submittal process. By providing a blank schedule which comprehensive lists each architectural submittal required, it is much more likely that the contractor will prepare a schedule of when submittals will be submitted. Here is a sample.
First Addendum: An initial addendum is prepared which addresses all the documents I have prepared. This serves as an editable format for the architect to add additional addendum items addressing the drawings and other consultant’s documents. It can also serve as a format for the preparation of additional addendum prepared to be prepared by the architect.  Here is a sample.
Evaluation: After submittals have been submitted but before the end of construction, I will solicit feedback from the architect as to any suggestions for improvement of the specifications for future projects.

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