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Typical Scope of Architectural Specification Consulting Services
Typical Scope

I provide a typical scope of specifications in three areas of MasterFormat 2004: Div. 00, Div. 01, and Div. 3-14.  For a complete list please download Typical Scope of Architectural Specification Consulting Services.
Division 00 – Procurement and Contracting Requirements: Disivion 00 documents are normally only required on projects to be bid to a GC (general contractor).  On such projects, I normally provide all Division 00 documents required.
Division 01 – General Requirements: I always provide all sections in Divsision 01 except for Commissioning 

Divisions 03 - 14 Architectural Specifications: I provide all the architectural specifications which are in Divisions 03 through 14 of the Facility Construction Subgroup EXCEPT for sections of a direct structural nature such as structural concrete, structural masonry, structural metals and structural wood including:
03 30 00 Cast-In-Place Concrete
04 29 00 Engineered Unit Masonry
05 40 00 Cold-Formed Metal Framing
06 10 00 Rough Carpentry

Specifications Not Included:
 I usually do not provide the following Sections which are typically provided by other consultants on a design team:
01 91 00 Commissioning
Division 02 – Existing Conditions, which includes:
02 24 00 Environmental Assessment
02 30 00 Subsurface Investigation
02 50 00 Site Remediation
02 80 00 Facility Remediation (asbestos, lead, mold)
Facility Services Subgroup (Divisions 21 through 28), which includes:
Division 21 Fire Suppression
Division 22 Plumbing
Division 23 Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
Division 25 Integrated Automation
Division 26 Electrical (Including 26 41 00 Facility Lightning Protection)
Division 27 Communications (data, voice, AV, intercom)
Division 28 Electronic Safety and Security (including 28 31 00 Fire Detection and Alarm)
Site and Infrastructure Subgroup (Divisions 31 through 35), which includes:
Division 31 Earthwork
Division 32 Exterior Improvements (note that 12 93 00 Site Furnishings is included in Division 12)
Division 33 Utilities
Process Equipment Subgroup (Divisions 40 through 48)
Beyond Basic Services Scope: Finally, the following are normally beyond the scope of my basic services but may be included as additional services if agreed to in advance:
Writing the contract requirements for non-architectural Unit Prices, Alternates, and Allowances. I do coordinate all Unit Prices, Alternates, and Allowances written by other consultants by making reference to them in appropriate sections and documents of Division 00 and 01.
 Review of submittals.
Significant revisions to the services beyond my control or made necessary by a change in 1) project scope, 2) design intent, 3) instructions or approvals previously made by the Architect, or 4) extensions of the schedule are an additional service.
Providing errors and omissions insurance.
Providing a seal or stamp on the specs I write.

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